Wooden Spill Containment Plugs

Wooden Spill Containment Plugs have many uses. Tapered wood plugs offer excellent characteristics for temporary containment of leaks from drums, barrels, pipes or other containers.  The tapered shape  of these plugs allows insertion into the hole and can be pounded in for compression of the diameter to a secure seal. Softer woods such as pine and poplar are typically used as they will seal against a hard metal surface.

In addition to spill containment, Wooden Spill Containment Plugs are cost effective means of sealing municipal pipes on a temporary basis when disconnecting them for maintenance or discontinuance of service.  The tapered nature allows  adaptation to many size holes possible with a single plug and even broader spectrum with a couple different sized plugs on hand for any emergency. While not spill containment in the sense of keeping liquids in, emergency plugs for boats are literally lifesaving measures on keeping water out in the event of a breach via hull damage  or more commonly broken hoses, clamps, or fittings on through hull fixtures that basically create a hole in your boat.  The softwood plugs are pounded in and tend to swell with moisture for an even tighter fit, until repairs can be made.

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