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Wooden Newels


Wooden Newels Wooden Newels are posts that are upright supports for a handrail at the bottom and top of a staircase.  They can also be positioned along the length of a rail and where staircases change direction. These have a primary purpose of structural support. though they are typically decorative to varying degrees. 

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Custom Wooden Columns


Custom Wooden Columns Custom Wooden Columns Come in Many Sizes, Lengths and Diameters. What is a good interior paint grade wood for columns? Paint grade typically suggests the cheapest wood, since you will be covering it.  Many think pine to be  a good choice, though clear pine is more expensive than many hardwoods

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Wooden Wine and Liquor Boxes and Crates


Wooden Wine and Liquor Boxes and Crates Wooden Wine and Liquor Boxes and Crates are a great way to either ship your product, or add a special display element. Custom, quality boxes are used for packaging requirements while complimenting any bottle. Custom making the box to fit your specific product is a great

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Wood Manicure Sticks


Wood Manicure Sticks Wood manicure sticks are also know as orange wood sticks and orange sticks.  They are small diameter dowels with ends beveled in two different fashions or pointed.  These sticks are made from white birch.  White Birch is a close grained wood that machines smoothly and offers a versatile product. It

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Wood Muddlers


Wood Muddlers Wood muddlers are a bartender’s tool.  They are used like a pestle to mash—or muddle—fruits, herbs, and/or spices in the bottom of a glass to release their flavor. Many muddlers are made from wood because wood will not react with ingredients. Wood muddlers require  careful maintenance, and they may even, on

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Wooden Broom and Mop Handles


Wooden Broom and Mop Handles Wooden Broom and Mop handles are made with custom ends and secondary operations, depending on their use and what they will be fit into, and the type of brush block or fitting that will be used.    Industries that use Mop and Broom Handles

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